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About Us

ALL NATURAL Nauti Tiki Seasonings, LLC started out just like many others do, trial and error in the back yard.  It wasn't long before our recipe was in demand and we were giving friends our seasonings to be used at BBQ's all over our area.

Our company was built by two proven pit-masters and a certified holistic health coach with exceptional culinary skill.  Combined, we were able to develop a superb seasoning you can feel good about!

Nauti Tiki Seasonings is unlike any other all-purpose seasoning on the market.  We have replaced granulated sugar, that most brands use, with organic coconut palm sugar.  Regular granulated sugar contains no vital nutrients, empty calories and has a high glycemic index of approximately 68 in only 12 grams.  Organic coconut palm sugar has a glycemic index of only about 35 in 12 grams.  Also, studies have shown that coconut palm sugar contains trace amounts of numerous vital nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium and potassium.   

Another difference is that we use Himalayan pink salt because of its purity.  Typical iodized table salt, that is found in nearly all other all-purpose seasonings, is made using chemical washes and bleaches that strip it if its minerals.  Himalayan pink salt is naturally about 85% sodium chloride and naturally contains nearly 100 essential minerals such as sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate and fluoride which can help with regulating your body's nutrient absorption, increase hydration, prevent muscle cramping, balance PH, lower blood pressure and remove toxins. 

When you combine the flavors of Himalayan pink salt with coconut palm sugar and add the benefits of coconut palm sugar's very low melting temperature and very high burn temperature, you will discover a true ALL NATURAL all-purpose seasoning that caramelizes perfectly.  This will lock in the flavors and create a barbecue like none other on Earth!